Derby around the Maritimes

Derby has been growing across North America and in the Maritimes in particular for more then a decade! This is a little collection of links to our peers, our suppliers, information about Womens Flat Track Derby, and more ! We hope these links will help you learn more about derby, source out the gear you need to get involved and allow you to check out all the other awesome leagues around Atlantic Canada.

Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help get you involved!

Leagues in the Maritimes:
Rip Tide Rollers - Annapolis Valley, NS
Cape Breton Roller Derby - Cape Breton, NS
Anchor City Rollers - Halifax, NS
Muddy River Rollers - Moncton, NB
Capital City Rollers - Fredericton, NB
Fog City Rollers - St John, NB